Fearful Friday!

Spooky right? That’s nothing. Wait ’till you see what we’ve got coming this week, and next. First up, today, we’ve got a makeover for the room. Our last focus group said we don’t update the room often enough, so here are two new wallpapers, and a few fun Easter eggs. Halloween eggs… Something like that…

They’re all available right now; just click the paint can in the bottom-left corner of the room, scroll right to the end, and there you go!

These wallpapers won’t be here forever, so enjoy them while they last! Let us know what you think and let us know what you’d like to see in the future!

Free Codes Friday!

Nothing new this week I’m afraid; The person in charge of this blog is in Greece!

So this week, here’s a recap of some of our greatest unlock codes! These are all from before we started Free Stuff Friday. I know for a fact that not everyone has all of these, so here they are in one big chunk.

01680 – Pirate outfit (arrr!)
51111 – Guy Fawkes mask, coat and hat
18605 – Wedding dress and tuxedos
18590 – Wild West gear
13410 – Ancient Egypt outfits
10693 – Dinosaur costume and T-Shirt
61796 – Mime shirt, face-paint and hat
02020 – Cricket Kit
21212 –  Chef whites and hat
10001 – Dragon Armour
19520 – Royal Beefeater Guard
25612 – Tennis Kit
23040 – St. George the Knight
23414 – The Dragon of St. George
01611 – Traditional Wedding Attire
Have fun unlocking them all, and as always, leave any suggestions for new stuff in the comments below.


Freedom Fighting Friday!

Fighting for justice and freedom – The IAL-Play Rangers! Battling against boredom, tedious homework and the enemies of learning everywhere, now you can join the ranks of the IAL-Play Rangers with this dazzling array of colourful costumes!


Just use the unlock code 76937 to get everything you need to fight crime, or just to be the most colourful kid in class!

This idea was submitted by one of out blog users. Why not submit your own by leaving a comment. who knows, maybe it’ll be your suggestion we use next time!

Fringe Friday Follow-Up!

Cheers luv, Free Stuff Friday is here! The hair unlock from a couple of weeks ago went down really well, with hundreds of you unlocking them, and loads of really positive comments, we decided to do a part two! Check ’em out!

All you need to do to get these five new styles is pop in the Unlock Code: 58246.

Which is your favourite? Leave a comment below, or suggest what you’d like to see for next week’s Free Stuff Friday!

First Mate Friday

Yaaaar Matey! ‘Tis the most wonderful day of the year, me hearties: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. 


Here at IAL/FrogPlay we love Pirate Day, and we always try and do something special. In the past we’ve had Pirate Games, Pirate Outfits and pets, basically all things Pirate.

So what’s next? EVERYTHING AT ONCE! Plus a couple of surprises!

  • Arrr! Pirates! is now FREE! That’s right, one of our most popular games is now free for the next week. Shoot pirates, collect treasure and hunt down the elusive black-sailed Pirate Captain.
  • Pirate Outifts: Use the unlock code 01680 to grab yourself a couple of hats, a jacket, shirt and trousers, even an eyepatch; everything you need to set sail and plunder some booty!
  • The parrot pet is half price! Have you been saving for a pet, but can’t get to 2500 credits fast enough? Then how about a parrot pet for 1250? It flies, it changes colour whenever you want, and it will unlock you 5 more games!
  • Many pirate themed items in the Avatar Shop are also half price. The ocean background, hoop earrings and even the legendary sword are included, plus lots of others, so head to the shop and grab yourself a bargain!
  • A special surprise in the room. Why not log in now and see if anything has changed…


We’re really excited for this event, and hopefully you are too! Why not leave a comment below (in Pirate, obviously).

Yaaarr! Talk like a Pirate Day is coming!

We love Pirates. Everyone loves Pirates. That’s a fact you just can’t deny, so we’re wanting to celebrate the greatest day on the Calendar: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you can click here, Matey!

Back? Good. This Friday, we’ll have a whole treasure chest of booty (well, unlocks and deals) plus a big surprise in the room. Make sure to check it out!

Are you doing anything special for Talk Like a Pirate Day? Maybe your whole school is dressing up (or just you), or you’re eating ship’s biscuits for tea. We’d love to hear about it, or even just tell us your favourite thing about Pirates! Leave a comment below!

Fringe Friday!

Welcome back! School has started once again, and it’s time to get back to work! It’s not all bad though, now everyone is back, so is Free Stuff Friday!

One thing we always get asked for is more hairstyles. Not weird, crazy hair, just normal stuff. So here’s 5 new looks, complete with some sample outfits. Bonus points for recognising the ‘inspiration’!

Use the code 30482 to unlock all five of these hairstyles!

Next week,there be a very special treat coming, landlubbers…

Ash’s Wedding Day


This weekend, another one of our staff members gets married! This time it’s Ash, one of our longest serving Developers here at FrogPlay/I am Learning. Ash is responsible for many of the features you use every day! Here’s hoping he has a great day on Saturday!

To celebrate, use the code 23716 to unlock some new hair styles and stylish stubble!

New Fashions Friday!

The shop has had a bit of a restock! New items are available right now, and we think they’re all pretty great (but we would say that).


You may recognise some of these items, as they were originally some of the items given out as team prizes for the Summer Games a couple of weeks ago. Some of them were just too good not to share, but they’ll cost you!


The items given out for the games will stay the same, with the team branding and colours. These new ones don’t have the branding, but still look awesome (especially my personal favourite, the Hockey Jersey).


So head on down to the shop, and grab one of the 18 new items now!