Football Festival Winners!

The Football Festival has ended! We had a huge number of students joining in, so congratulations to everyone who took part.

The players were all those who competed in the Goals of Glory game during the Football Festival, here is how the final leaderboard looked:


A massive achievement by Freddie of Thorne Green Top Primary School to score 1426 goals in the 32 days of the tournament. Our team have already been in touch with your school to arrange your prize of an international football shirt of your choice.

The supporters we everyone who spent any amount of time taking quizzes during the Football Festival, and here is how that leaderboard ended:


That’s nearly one full day out of 32 spent just doing quizzes! Excellent performance there from Arturo of Backwell School. Our team will already have been in touch with your school to arrange your £50 Amazon voucher prize.

Congratulations to both our winners (and a second congratulations to Freddie placing third on the supporters leaderboard too!), and again nice work to everyone who joined in. We’ll have another competition coming in the new academic year, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Football Festival in Full Flight!

Five days in and the Football Festival is storming along! We’ve got students from all over the world competing to be both the best Player and the most avid Supporter!

If you’ve been logging in every day then this morning you’ll have unlocked your sixth avatar football shirt, the Argentina strip. Who’s got them all? (I’ve missed one day so far, gutted).

Not involved yet? Get logged in to Play and visit the tournament page to find out how to join in and compete for awesome prizes.

To celebrate your achievements so far, and because England did win in that other tournament that will still remain nameless, we thought we’d give away the Football Festival supporters strip today.

Just login to Play and use the unlock code below to get an exclusive t-shirt and shorts. Show your support of all our great players in a one size fits all outfit!


Enjoy, and remember, keep playing Goals of Glory and keep taking quizzes to ben in with a chance of prizes!


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Football Festival


Starting tomorrow, we are running our Football Festival. Running in parallel to another, slightly less famous football event, the Football Festival will run for 32 days from 14th June until the 15th July.

During the Festival there are two ways you can win real world prizes:

Firstly, we are going to reset the leaderboard for Goals of Glory, our most popular football game. Then when the tournament ends the student who has scored the most goals will win an International football shirt of their choosing.

Secondly, because we know not everyone is going football mad this summer, we’re also going to give a £50 Amazon voucher to the student who spends the most time in quizzes over the course of the Festival. Just login and start studying, and that can be in quick fire or any game you choose, it all counts.

And finally, because we’re just that generous, every single day you login during the Festival you will unlock one free football shirt for your avatar. Login on all 32 days and you’ll get shirts for all 32 nations who are going to that other tournament I forget the name of…

Ready for kick off? The tournament goes live tomorrow morning at 8am UK time (GMT+1), so lace up your boots and don’t forget to stretch, we don’t want any injuries out there!

Good luck everyone.

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FrogPlay World Championship Winners

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the World Championships. We had an incredible amount of time spent in Play quizzes (over two and a half years just in the UK alone!) during the championships, and everyone deserves a big slap on the back!

That said, there are some prizes valued even more highly that a slap on the back from the Frog Play dev team (if you can believe that!) so here is the leaderboard as it stood at the end of the championship..

UK student

Which means out top three primary students are: Mithun Sarvamohan, Isabelle Sisley and Thokulan Prabakaran.

Our top three secondary students are: Lucy Gowans, Habiba Ayub and Hashim Amin.

Congratulations to all of you, our team should already have been in touch to arrange your prizes, but if not, go nag your teachers!

And in a suprise move, tomorrow we launch a new, small yet perfectly formed competition. Come back later today for more details!


FrogPlay World Championship

The FrogPlay World Championship is coming to an end, but you still have time to stake a claim for a prize!

The top three students in primary schools and the top three students in secondary schools on the UK leaderboard when the competition ends will each win:

  • £50 either Google Play, Amazon or iTunes vouchers
  • Medal / Trophy
  • Certificate
  • Merchandise pack

As it stands right now, Mithun, Thokulan and Isabelle are going to win the primary school prizes, and Habiba, Shahmel and Muhammad are on course for the secondary school prizes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 10.49.25

But there’s still time to change the results! Keep logging in and keep taking quizzes and you could stand a chance of overtaking them and winning!

From tomorrow, 25th May until the end of the competition, 31st May, the leaderboard will be hidden from view to help build the suspense. Winners will be announced soon after the closing date. Good luck to everyone!



The FrogPlay Championship is live!

That’s right. We’ve mentioned the Championship a few times now, and it’s officially live! Log in every day from now to grab some awesome Avatar Parts and room upgrades. These will never be available again, so make sure you do it!


Even better, you could win real world prizes such as iPads, just by doing revision, quizzes and homework, so what are you waiting for? Head over to FrogPlay now, log in, and get working!

More information about the competition can be found here!


FrogPlay World Championships

Hopefully you’ve all had time to get used to FrogPlay. Now everyone is on the same page, we’ve decided to have a bit of a competition.


Introducing the FrogPlay World Championships! Starting next week, schools from across the globe will compete against each other to be the very best!

Log in every day to get rewards like Avatar parts, credits, pets and more! There’s even brand new room customization options and trophies to be won!


The competition will last for 55 days, with different rewards every day, so if you want them all, you’ll have to make sure to log in! On top of that, you’ll earn special competition points for logging in, as well as doing homework and quizzes.


There’s even real world prizes available to the winners. Take a look!

UK School Category Prizes
•  1st Place:              ipad Pro (10.5 inch basic)
•  2nd Place:             ipad Standard
•  3rd Place:              Chromebook

UK Student Prizes 3 x primary and 3 x secondary:
•  £50 either Google Play, Amazon or iTunes vouchers
•  Medal
•  Certificate
•  Merchandise pack

More information about the competition can be found here!