Fishy Followup Friday

Something a bit different this week. A couple of weeks ago, we released Space Bream. At first, it seemed like people were having a little trouble getting to grips with it, but now the scores are really ramping up. To help newcomers, and pros alike, we’ve put together a handy guide to our newest game.


1. Not all fish are created equal

Neptuna are the most common fish, but they’re also worth the least. For example, a Space Bream is worth well over three times as many points, but harder to catch. Pufferfish and Starfish are in the middle, and are well worth going after.


2. Get your questions right!

The more questions you get right, the rarer the fish will be. If you get all five questions wrong, or skip them, then you’ll only be getting Neptuna, and they aren’t worth much at all.


3. Distance means a lot.

The more fish you catch, the closer you get to Earth. If you get to Earth, you get the chance to play again with an added points multiplier. So once you get to earth, all fish from then on will be worth 10% more. Get there again and they’re worth more than 20% more, and so on.


4. Get fish that are heading from right to left.

The momentum from a speedy fish can really mess things up for you. If you nab the ones heading left, they will often send themselves right into the net.


5. Practice lots, and have fun!

Just by practicing, and playing the game lots, you’ll be getting ever closer to Earth, and that precious points multiplier. Most importantly, have fun! It’s only a game!


Besides, you’ll probably never be as good as me anyway…


Presidential Friday!

Dunno if everyone heard but there’s been a bit of a shake-up across the pond. We thought we’d celebrate the only way we know how – Avatar parts! Because who doesn’t want to dress up as Donald Trump right?

Also Richard Nixon is here, for reasons.

Just enter the code 21732 (figure out why it’s that and you get a prize) to unlock these parts. And God Bless America.


There’s a new game in I am Learning and FrogPlay: Space Bream.

You play as Eel Armstrong, a fisherman/theoretical physicist who is tired with his life on Earth, so sets off into trouter space to catch fish. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but who cares right? Also, it’s full of fish puns…


  • Catch 4 types of fish, each with their own unique value, resources and strengths.
  • See your ship getting repaired as you play! The more fish you catch, the more Eel’s ship, The Apollock-13 gets fixed, and the more visual upgrades it gets.
  • Challenging play! With more than 30 achievements, only a true fishing pro will be able to master this game.
  • Comic book style storyline. With several panels detailing Eel’s rise and fall, this is the most narratively engaging game we’ve ever made!
  • Infinitely playable. The more you play, the higher the rewards, and the harder the game gets!
  • Perfect for iPad and tablets. With controls for both left and right handed people, it also runs smoothly on all tablets.

So log in now and play it! As an apology for this being released late, the game is half the usual price; only 100 credits! We always try and release something on a Friday, but sometimes things get in the way. This time, it was the internet being down. We’re sorry, but we hope this game is worth the wait!

Have you played Space Bream yet? If you liked it (or hated it) let MINNOW in the comments below (sorry).

Free Stuff… Monday?

In a slight change to the usual schedule, we’ll be releasing something for everyone on Monday (hopefully)! We’re having some technical difficulties today, so bear with us. Hopefully it’ll be worth the extra couple of days wait!


Darkness approaches. Rain falls from above! Lightning streaks across the sky. A piercing scream echoes through the corridors of Dr. Frankenstein’s hilltop castle…


An insane scientist and his horrible creation. Now they’re both available in I am Learning/FrogPlay. Just use the code 01931 to unlock everything you need to terrorise as many innocent villagers as you want!

Fearful Friday!

Spooky right? That’s nothing. Wait ’till you see what we’ve got coming this week, and next. First up, today, we’ve got a makeover for the room. Our last focus group said we don’t update the room often enough, so here are two new wallpapers, and a few fun Easter eggs. Halloween eggs… Something like that…

They’re all available right now; just click the paint can in the bottom-left corner of the room, scroll right to the end, and there you go!

These wallpapers won’t be here forever, so enjoy them while they last! Let us know what you think and let us know what you’d like to see in the future!

Free Codes Friday!

Nothing new this week I’m afraid; The person in charge of this blog is in Greece!

So this week, here’s a recap of some of our greatest unlock codes! These are all from before we started Free Stuff Friday. I know for a fact that not everyone has all of these, so here they are in one big chunk.

01680 – Pirate outfit (arrr!)
51111 – Guy Fawkes mask, coat and hat
18605 – Wedding dress and tuxedos
18590 – Wild West gear
13410 – Ancient Egypt outfits
10693 – Dinosaur costume and T-Shirt
61796 – Mime shirt, face-paint and hat
02020 – Cricket Kit
21212 –  Chef whites and hat
10001 – Dragon Armour
19520 – Royal Beefeater Guard
25612 – Tennis Kit
23040 – St. George the Knight
23414 – The Dragon of St. George
01611 – Traditional Wedding Attire
Have fun unlocking them all, and as always, leave any suggestions for new stuff in the comments below.


Freedom Fighting Friday!

Fighting for justice and freedom – The IAL-Play Rangers! Battling against boredom, tedious homework and the enemies of learning everywhere, now you can join the ranks of the IAL-Play Rangers with this dazzling array of colourful costumes!


Just use the unlock code 76937 to get everything you need to fight crime, or just to be the most colourful kid in class!

This idea was submitted by one of out blog users. Why not submit your own by leaving a comment. who knows, maybe it’ll be your suggestion we use next time!

Fringe Friday Follow-Up!

Cheers luv, Free Stuff Friday is here! The hair unlock from a couple of weeks ago went down really well, with hundreds of you unlocking them, and loads of really positive comments, we decided to do a part two! Check ’em out!

All you need to do to get these five new styles is pop in the Unlock Code: 58246.

Which is your favourite? Leave a comment below, or suggest what you’d like to see for next week’s Free Stuff Friday!