Free Games Tuesday!

A bit late this one, but better late than never! This time, since it’s been such a scorching hot weekend is the UK, the free games are all about taking a refreshing dip!

  • Sea Spikes – Cool off in the ocean, and grab some gems and treasure while you’re at it!
    MY HIGHSCORE: 591 pts
  • Pole Survivor – If you’re going to fall into the sea, do it in style, and win a competition in the process!
    MY HIGHSCORE: 156 pts
  • Watersports – Jet Skis, Speedboats, even fan boats. All sorts of summer fun!
    MY HIGHSCORE: 160 secs
  • Dive Hard – When swimming, always beware of sharks and jellyfish! Also lobsters…
    MY HIGHSCORE: 4200 pts
  • Heli-Rescue – Now here’s one where you probably shouldn’t take a dip in the sea…
    MY HIGHSCORE: 4381 pts

Can you beat the Developer Highscore? There’s nothing at stake and no consequences, but it’s bragging rights!

Free Game Friday

  • Space Bream – Catch fish… IN SPACE!
  • Time Fighter – Shoot baddies… IN SPACE!
  • Invaders – Protect the Earth from Invaders… FROM SPACE!
  • Block Breaker – Break blocks… IN SPACE!
  • Aargh! Aliens! – Stop the approaching Aliens… FROM SPACE!

You get the idea… this fortnight, we’ve gone for a SPACE theme!

Next fortnight, the free games will be chosen BY YOU! Leave a comment below with a game you’d like to get for free! The most common suggestions, or suggestions with the most comments will be chosen!

May the Fourth be with you…

As many of you might know, today is the official day of one of the biggest Sci-Fi films in the world. You know the one I mean…

group shot

In honour of this day, we’ve added a new unlock code! This will get you some desert scavenger robes, a new hairstyle and a sinister bad guy mask and outfit. You’ll also get three different laser sword accessories! Have fun!

Also, you can combine these new outfits with a similar themed set of Sci-Fi armours, the Rebellious Pilot and Shock Trooper!


May Day and Free Games!

It’s May! If anyone was out this weekend, you may have seen these oddly dressed fellows dancing around a may pole: Morris Dancers. A classic tradition of attaching bells to your clothes and dancing, and it makes a perfect outfit for your Avatar! Just use code 10517 to unlock this very colourful hat, jacket and trouser combo!


Also, the free games have been delayed for a while, but they’re back now! I sure hope you like button bashing, because this time, the free game selection is all about hitting those keys!

  • Dive 2012 – Climb to the highest diving board, and make sure your timing is perfect!
  • Weightlifting – Choose a weight, then bash the keys to lift it! If you manage to lift it, you get the points, but if you fail, you get nothing, so pace yourself!
  • Fitness Freaks – Take part in four events against the AI. How many reps can you do?
  • Javelin – Bash the arrow key to build power, then throw the javelin at the perfect angle. Practice makes perfect!
  • Triple Jump – Hop, skip and jump once you’ve built up enough power. Try and get as close to the white board without going over it!

More Free Games!

There’s no rhyme or reason behind this pick of free games. If you can spot a common theme, leave a comment below! Otherwise, just enjoy a nice selection of classic games, all for free!

  • Pole Survivor – Choose one of three characters, then try and balance on the pole for as long as you can. Be the last one standing to earn bonus points!
  • Run! – Become the Ninja, Dinosaur or Robot and doge, roll and jump your way to victory!
  • Cupidity – Shoot the falling hearts with your bow. Hit the blue hearts for bonus time.
  • Sumo Basho – Try not to break your keyboard as you button bash furiously!
  • Mini-Monster Creator– Create any type of monster you want. From cute and tiny to huge and scary. Why not save a screen shot and post a link in the comments!

The Beautiful and the Beastly

Be our guest, be our guest, these new unlocks are the best…

Now you can dress in finery, and the true Belle of the ball. Just use the code 23278 to unlock this very posh dress and suave velvet jacket!

Free games will be updated soon, so check back soon!

UPDATE: The Beast jacket and werewolf head graphics have been updated!

Free Games Friday!

This Friday, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so we’ve (tried to) theme the free games around the Irish. Kinda… If you can guess how these five relate to Ireland you win a prize…

  • Go Bananas – If you want to help the monkey, you’ll need to really push your luck to get as many bananas as you can.
  • Higher or Lower – A simple yet addictive take on a classic format.
  • Germ Warfare – Splatter germs as fast as you can, but be careful: avoid the special germs or the game will get even harder!
  • Lock Stock and Cabbage – Pelt the prisoners with cabbages and potatoes, but don’t let the guards see you; they don’t like it!
  • Rowing – Keep your buttons presses in time and follow the instructions carefully.

As a bonus, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with this Irish themed outfit for your avatar. Just use the code 17316!


This Fortnight’s Free Games

Spring has now officially arrived. This fortnight’s games focus around the changing of the season. Bright colours, lush forests and the great outdoors. Also football, because it’s getting warm enough to have a kick-about outside!

  • Fairy Nuff– Help Queen Fairy Nuff to collect crystals and dodge evil monsters for as long as you can.
  • Flight of the Bumblebee – Control a bee heading to the prettiest flower in the whole garden. Use the mouse to avoid wasps, statues and other obstacles. 
  • Penalty Shootout – Choose your power, aim your shot and try to beat the keeper. Can you get a perfect 20?
  • Fruit PUNCH!– A relaxed match three puzzle game where you crush fruit to make a delicious drink. 
  • Fry, Flip, Feast!– Pancake Day was this week, so celebrate by catching falling pancakes. Make sure to build those combos!

Floating Friday

This week, the dreaded storm Doris hit the UK. Rain, wind, even snow. Now your avatar can deal with the bad weather, and look good doing it. Use the code 36747 to unlock a couple of very windswept hairstyles, a very damaged umbrella, and even a very tiny boat (for in case the rain gets REALLY bad!